next to that is an old Lyle SG. Led Zeppelin helped to popularise the Les Paul in the 70’s, when many great copies were made. i dunno,, iam 63 and been playing for over 50yrs,i have had gibsons,fender,ibanez,blah blah,, to me i pick up a new mex strat or a studio and ,,,comon after playing fer so long they dont have magic ! However, I have a Lotus on my 1980’s page that is fantastic! Thirty years ago, I encountered a Framus Golden Television model. Maybe someone of you have seen something similar? Other Asian/Japanese companies, on their own, discontinued using the design. Can anyone unravel the mystery of this mystery guitar? As to the value??? Really nice guitar. You'll feel it first. New pots, switches, bridge, etc and a few days locked in a room. Black beauty, pre lawsuit or lawsuit? i have one Eikosha bass guitar japan made…. Good weight, excellent humbuckers. Welcome to Thomann! The Gibson logo is Brilliant Gold paint and the word custom is in red. Any chance you could offer some additional insight on what I have if I send a picture? Well built guitar, MUCH better than most semi-hollows from this era. On the left, a nearly perfect 1972 Mosrite Ventures Model. Then I had a custom pickguard made at WD Products in Florida. The number on the back of the neck at the top is 270085. Secure Fastening Systems, Inc., Conservative Report, The Liberty Review, New Conservative NZ, Wu Saa Qi Gong, Loving Wellness - Mind and Body, ... First Lady Melania Trump, The Right Choice - New Zealand, Paul … Certain sellers on certain websites seem to use this term as a way to justify the values of items being sold. 1970s Shaftesbury 3263 bass. By this time, many guitar manufacturers from the Far East had 10+ years experience under their belts, and the improvement in quality began to shine through. Do you know what year it would be and how many were made. Appreciate your site. There are 500+ professionals named "Paul Thomson", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Wondering what it’s worth if anyone knows or the history of the guitars? View the profiles of people named Les Thomson. I have a Lyle 335 es serial# 18866 honey burst, ivory colored binding all original guitar except for the strings. You can’t tell from the picture but this thing is HUGE! It came with USA DiMarzio pickups. I thought they more likely to have been from the 60’s by the shape and the sound. I am having a hard time identifing it. Hi,wonder if u can help,I have a Hayman 2020 and it seems to be a right mix,it has thin line body with twin humbucker p/u’s the head stock with the plastic hayman inserts has four extra post guides for the strings..The oddest thing is at the back where the serial number plate should be is open and there are no screw holes to show if there was ever a serial number plate on it.Any ideas as to year of manufacture or any info would be appreciated.Thanks. I noticed you didn’t have a picture of one with your picture of the six string version. I have a ASPEN double cutaway sunburst guitar. A one of a kind Mosriteko. I love the 70’s – 80’s Japan made guitars better than just about any guitars ever made and had a 80’s Yamaha SBG 3000 back in the 80’s and wish I had never got rid of it as it was the best guitar I’ve ever played but at the time someone fell on out bass players guitar and broke the neck so with only a few hours before we were scheduled to play I traded the Yamaha for a new Spector bass. I have an Avila BC RICH electric guitar I don’t know anything about this guitar please let me know if someone knows or have seen one of these guitar. The Pro Series Signature Mick Thomson Soloist SL2 electric guitar is a … can anybody tell me what it is worth, it is Korean made in the 1970’s. This guitar is pretty cool because a) it has a wicked flame fiish and b) it has an individual slider volume for each pickup. I have 2 of those Tempo guitars. So buyers beware of such terms. No other service required ever. FY: I Epiphone was bought by Gibson in the late 50’s. Any chance to someone tells me if it is worth to restore it ? Mint. Could send a picture of the guitar if I could attach a file to an e:mail response. While still at school he achieved the highest grades of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in four instruments, created his first theatrical score for a piece by … Greco MIJ Telecaster vintage Fender lawsuit electric guitar, Cosmetics 8 of 10 and plays 10 of 10, Ash body