It became aware of where we are where we want to be and what we can see is the version of us use our imagination the version of us that has already accomplished what we want. Instead of thinking I have this disorder, I just have a lot of energy and I have to balance out a lot of energy and I have to do find ways of doing that. Even as you hear this right now, you might be like, well, what is he talking about? I'm like, oh, and then I can change it. We may get a high from being angry at someone. And it's like I left her at 15 years old, then I was like 21 years old or 20, I was like 19 or 20 years old and I go to work at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. You can feel it more and more. You see, the thing is it only affects us when we're in reaction mode, but the key is to shift out of reaction and instead shift into a response, and the one thing we always have the ability to do is to respond. Whether we fight it or against it doesn't matter whether we push the pendulum further and we resist it or whether we embrace it. We have lower emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, and eventually moves up the anger that eventually a neutrality, which is where we want to observe our thoughts. The first way to never let negative people affect your energy is by understanding that you have the ability, you have the frame of choosing your response to external stimulus and as you choose that response, you can choose to not relate to what they're saying. I'm going to have that. And as you become the best version of you, that energy is contagious and other people can feel that. Have you ever saw who won the presidency or something else happened and you felt negative emotion because of it or you felt the positive emotion of it. You can let go of trying to become more of having to focus and having to have the vision board and all of these things. Have the purple shirt comment because it's something that doesn't affect me because I don't even relate to it. He kind of came to a sense and realize what was going on and all of a sudden me and my brother are then allowed to. That's I like simplicity. Um, and we're allowed to watch TV. Take a deep breath in. Maybe some topics as well. They can feel it and it's almost like in a way we attract people that are of that vibration subconsciously and part of it may be because we believe that is what we deserve. When you instead are the see the star of your own movie. For example, I remember that in 2012, 13 I hadn't got on YouTube yet. Maybe your parents were divorced and he started to associate relationships with that. I had very contagious energy. Other people are going to be able to take advantage of us because they are playing off of that vibration. If someone's asking you to hang out and they drain your energy every time you're around them, it may be time to say no. I'm allowed to eat food again, like my allowed to like eat as much food as I want versus being deprived of it. Been kind of in the background and 2012 I went through kind of an awakening experience where I felt on average, maybe you've heard me talk about this before, on a scale of one to 10, I normally felt like I was at a three to a five out of 10, which means I didn't feel absolutely horrible, which is it would be like a one or amazing, which would be a 10, but all of a sudden I started to observe my thoughts and I started to realize that my beliefs created my reality and I could let go of a lot of beliefs that didn't serve me. The key to this is understanding that the Karma, in general, is a pattern, and Karma, in general, is what we are putting out. That's what a theta state does. What do you love doing? With a lot of people do is they have a lot of unconscious things that happen in the past. This was when I was zero years old, and this was, you know, this is in the future potentiality and right here, this is me right now. I'm going to be speaking. You set that intention. This is when I learned meditation. I'm creating it right now. Think about risk. I decided you know what I'm going to do my own thing. It can be as simple as we make it. Up until then, I learned meditation. All of these, you know, all we were, we were a lot of times locked out of the house when you just had to do chores all day. Aaron Doughty was born in 1980s. It's all relative, but I'm realizing there more. The reason I'm doing this is that I get asked so often, so many people ask me, they say, Aaron, how do I make it so negative? Let's talk about past lives for a minute. Let's pile on a new identity right now. I was in the main majority thinking mindset. It depends upon the person, so when we move from needing to be right or needing to be wrong, we can see that that's only coming from the ego. Take me a minute to think about the other ones and then go in the other direction. I wonder if there's a correlation. In the present moment when she was talking to this past life regressionist, what this person was telling her is that in the past lives you with this person had very similar experiences. There was, I don't know what it was necessary, but I went into one of the debate rounds and I started to just speak more passionately. But what you want to do is you actually don't want to go to a track that back does not what you want to do. I know I'm going to love it. Your reality will change because reality is just a reflection of this identity. What we do is we increase certain things happening when we set intentions, intentions and aligning that with our emotion is the secret to us manifest anything. This is something that has also been shown that the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. Allow the thoughts to be there and to become aware of those thoughts that come in. What I did is I simply forgave my ex-stepmom. That's. All of that stuff comes from $500 and a counselor for $99 below because it's reasoning. Whatever you get from this type of experience of listening to me is what you get. Because this is the thing, our state of being, how we feel creates our life experience. I just know it. Court Records found View. It is in a way emphasizing the senses. Allow whatever it is to come up. There was light at the end of the tunnel. Our personality creates our personal reality. What happens is these thoughts are thoughts. Remember that by saying no to someone you're saying yes to someone else by saying no to some activity that will bring you down. The truth is there's an infinite number of parallel paths and futures. This is something I've been tapping into. Say I take the memory of when I was 11 years old. -You will learn powerful guided visualizations that use NLP “Neuro Linguistic Programming” to powerful “FEEL” into your manifestations. But it was almost awkward, probably one of the most awkward moments in my life. This is how I live. What we're going to do is we're going to take 10 steps and with every step we take, we are going to feel our body relaxed more and more. Things should be different and you feel more of a rush of energy, but this is the thing. We don't need to be attached to thinking, oh, it's a negative thing if I'm changing my personality that will keep us stuck in rigid within the old way, and that'll keep us stuck in the past because we associate negativity with it. If somebody were to come up to you right now, if somebody came up to me right now is like, Hey Aaron, I hate your purple shirt. It was very interesting, is interesting to me that I was playing out those patterns without even knowing it. I've believed so much in the government and all of these things, believing that what I saw in the news was actually what was happening in the world when really it's a completely skewed, exaggerated perspective that's meant to put us deeper into this hypnosis reaction. With every breath you take, simply know that you are going to soak, and you are going to drift into a deeper level of relaxation. Everything in your life is a reflection of how you're thinking, feeling, and acting, and if you change the way you identify yourself and you simply decide that from this point going forward, this is who you are. This is when we get even closer to transformation. When we are in and we are feeling gratitude, what gratitude does when we say that I am grateful for whatever in my life and it could be something as simple as I am grateful that I woke up today. What you can do is begin to change how you see yourself other people will see that and other people will then respond to you based on how you have changed this is how powerful you are. What you want to do is you want to think about what you think about what you do and how you are and what you feel. Visualize Asian. When you're in this high vibrational state, imagine this is like a high vibe, so Harry Potter, electricity right here. We normally believe that we are the result of all of these things that happened in the past. Neutrality is a huge benchmark. It's about being aware of that label. This doesn't mean that you have to make YouTube videos or you have to do kind of what I'm doing. I went through, given my hope, I felt like I didn't have my power, so when I went through that as a kid and I grew up, now it's like I want to get. We don't have to try to become that. I'm going to be sharing with you three secrets of gratitude that you may have never heard of before, why it is the most underrated thing when it comes to manifestation and how you can powerfully apply it in your own life. Somebody, I definitely look up to and he's like the self-help transformation type guy. In the same way, it is going to be one that goes around our head. I still felt I wasn't worthy and I kept manifesting into my life. When we let go of the patterns that no longer serve us, we start to transform our lives, so healing as another important part of this. Imagine that you're in this high vibe state because you're in this high vibe state and you're feeling fulfilled because you're focused on what you already have, that you're grateful for, that fulfillment, that completeness, that wholeness. Double the amount of love. In this guided meditation I use 2 NLP Techniques to assist in wiring in your new self-image. If our vibration is that of a lower frequency, we will only be able to perceive of that that is equal to whatever that frequency is, so maybe you've seen me before as well. It's not like we don't want to think about this in terms of levels, just where they're currently at with their current, uh, the current stage of the relationship, but they're coming at it from a place of maybe feeling angry at the ex, maybe feeling shameful or guilt or something. You see, there are certain perspectives that work and there are certain perspectives that don't work. A trap of the ego. You're going to feel and be able to decide right now that moving forward, this is who you are. That's who we naturally are. I learned meditation. Being aware of any patterns within you that haven't been healed that haven't been completed, and then completing those by allowing them to be there, observing them and then letting them go. It's just that many people watch desperate housewives of whatever or whatever TV show it is not seen as a bad thing if you watch those, but what I am saying is be aware of the emotions at that puts you in because the more you experience that has lower vibrational emotions, lower states of consciousness, the more you're going to look around and experienced that in your life. Normally nothing. Because when we released those patterns, we released the negativity that comes with it. You are growing the electromagnetic energy inside of your heart and that this for many people is the missing key in of itself because when we connect to our heart, that's when we begin to make our body and our mind a holistic type system. Everything in our life as a pattern or habits are on the pattern. I don't know, but it's a belief system that at this point works for me, but it's also I love taking action, so it's a win-win. What does it look like? There's a reason they don't teach parts of the Law of Attraction in school. Feel the energy in your heels. If we become aware of what we're putting out to other people and the patterns that we have, we take our power back, and we let go. It is just simply vibrating at a different frequency and we have these sense perceptions and these sense perceptions can digest and it translates different vibrational interpretations. We can have beliefs. It's already worked, but I still love taking action so I'm still attached to it. Think of it as natural for you because it's part of who you naturally are for you to feel that, so the key is to simply know that gratitude is a natural state of being for you and in the same way that you don't visualize, many people also visualize because they want what? You can set the intention that you have more positive interactions through your day. Knowing that from this point going forward, you're going to create more of what you want than ever before. It's been there since 2012. We're playing on repeat and I had this shift of consciousness change and when that happened, my base point of feeling good was all normally on a scale of one to 10 town feeling amazing, feeling not great at all. Feel yourself relax more and more and feel you could feel it down the energy inside of your heart center beginning to increase. She said that in my past lives I was sharing ideas and in almost every single past life I had I was killed because the ideas I had were groundbreaking and there was a control structure in place that kept me from being able to put out that information safely. Because these three things are what creates your life. I remember one time I asked her if we sound dumb, but there's the ice machine. I'm not going to lie, so I love taking action, so let me say it this way. That's when your life begins to change. In order for us to have a transformation, we must go beyond the ego. Pay attention to whatever comes up. The game, the illusion of believing in the lies, believing in that fear, allow it to be there and then it transforms. The three things are what we consistently think, what we consistently do and how we consistently are. You are an infinite being having a temporary human experience. And then I had my spiritual awakening back from 2012 and when that happened and changed my whole life and I was like, I was like, I don't really need school for this. Also for a period of time, we can identify with the flesh body and believe that we go through this linear time-space reality, which is a very short sliver of time and then go onto another experience because we are eternal beings and we want this contrast of experience and there's always something to be learned as well. That was kind of like a summary of the book and of the teaching. Maybe you've seen the consciousness scale that I've shared so many times before on this scale of consciousness at the bottom we have zero. That person is in a bad mood. And uh, I got rejected by some girl that I wanted to go to the dance with, right? If this is something you're interested in, you can go to my Instagram bio or you can do that of going into the show notes here. I started to allow it to be there, even allowed my manager. This, when we get into mysticism, we start understanding that we can break apart our own beliefs because the meaning you're trying to cling on to everything I'm saying right now. But here it is. Maybe I've explained it before but after my ex step mom who moved me and my brother went through a search and 15 years old my dad divorced her. And maybe you remember my earlier YouTube bits from when I first started going daily back in February 2017. Because the moment we ask, we can start to find new answers to whatever that could be. I want you just to understand that you are so much more than you can even imagine and the more you tap into this, the more that you begin to transform your life and all you have to do is become aware of the patterns that are there. It went away as funny as it sounds. It's your chair. We were with her and she was very abusive and we couldn't say anything because if we did, we'd get punished even more because we were around her around her more than we were around my dad, so we were afraid, but we were. I learned about the story that I had constantly. The second secret of that of gratitude is that by doing this, what you do by feeling gratitude, you turn on the fountains of fulfillment. It's hard to go from I'm thinking very negatively to think positive on top of the world unicorns and stuff. Bring the awareness now to your nose. You have to take responsibility. We go beyond belief. Okay, exist and because there's an infinite number of parallel realities that what we think of as the past and the future is only relevant to who we are right now in the present moment. I let go of the pattern the unworthiness within a week she got fired of me learning meditation as she got fired because she was it was a long time coming. This is the thing with past lives. Welcome back to another episode. Sometimes the best thing to do, maybe to completely forget about the x, to acknowledge something that you learned from it, to become at peace with it, and then to maybe just hanging out with friends and to focus on increasing your state and then what will happen to something funny as you really let go, as you really let go, that person may try to come back into your life, but when you're attached to them, they can feel that it's an energetic thing so that the will normally come from a 300 below. If you haven't heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza before, he has some amazing information about understanding the power of the mind and mixing that with the quantum world of understanding how our reality is created and how our thoughts influences what we experienced in our life. That's what we can learn to do. I changed my belief that she had to be in a bad mood and then all of a sudden, she's in a good mood or she's in a much more attentive mood and there her. There is somehow it was almost, she was protected by upper management, so she didn't like, even though people went up to HR to complain about her because she was talking down to people and she was very manipulative. That's one way. Most likely because that's what we interpret our reality through the ego, but understand that that is only a small part of what actuality reality really is, and we can start to ship from the reaction mode of social conditioning. I live in this vibrational state. Nine, every step you get in every step you take, you feel this increase of energy in your body. You've got to take some steps in between the negative and the Unicorn. Put your awareness on thinking, what are the thought patterns of this ideal version of you? And by saying no to that, you're saying yes to something else. I was in the sauna at the gym. Could be something as simple as I got up today. When you begin to resonate with the source energy, you begin to perceive things in your life. Summary: Aaron Doughty is 31 years old and was born on 11/24/1988. Because the way we see yourself, the way we interpret the quote past has a certain pattern to it. It's a shift that can only be experienced. -You will learn powerful guided visualizations that use NLP “Neuro Linguistic Programming” to […] I'm like, okay, well I'm going to have to eventually push through this. I'm going to be sharing with you more on what is called the shift experience. He feels the tingling sensation in your heart. And when I'm at Nordstrom's a woman's shoes, I ended up going to salon shoes with like designer shoes there after a year. The way you become aware and the way you let go of these patterns is by feeling it, allowing the patterns to be there and recognizing it. It's just what you get or does it mean anything that'll depend on what you get. Remember as well, people will feel the vibration of whatever you are putting out. You can say, well, what about love? Having this way of where we wake up from societal conditioning and where we start to create our lives in a very powerful way, well, this is an experience that I've been through myself. We're thinking the same thoughts we're feeling his emotions are doing the same actions that we did yesterday therefore we're always creating the reality that is equal to that of those thoughts feelings and actions. I'm going to be showing you how gratitude works and a completely new way. You will learn how to powerful create what you want in life in a way that will transform your life for the better. The shift is going to be something that I am right now. Imagine your eyelids, your eye socket muscles relax. It is okay to start to let go of the necessity to people please, and this is something that when you start to do you start to maintain your own vibration. However, there are times that things happen that we feel negative emotion, that if we just keep switching our focus all the time, we're not getting to the actual core of white is there. We could call these all simulations, all virtual realities, and we could think of it in the form of its just different experiences, different tastes. However, if you expect that they start to become more positive, they may actually go the other way around. It's parallel incarnations of our same oversoul, but they are not exactly us because the US that we are in this life is through a certain interpretation, but they will be relevant. I think the one true thing in reality is that all truths are true. I'm working on it right now. I remember I went to a sophomore year of high school. The whole body, the whole system, the whole mind has been on autopilot based on reaction. Something I learned is actually called the completion process and it's from this guy name Nanda or something like that or Swami or something in India and it's a very powerful process for understanding that when emotions come up, what you do is you observe these emotions and you allow the emotions to be there. I don't even do caffeine. The key to this process of what glues all of this together is this. What we do is we say “Ok, I want to experience something so we go over it and we try to change that thing.” It's almost like we're looking into a mirror or looking at herself and we've got a comb and we're trying to comb our hair. I do recommend you do this meditation for 21 days to consistently wire it in so that you really start to make the change that you want in your life, and I think that if you do it, you will start to see results pour into your life quicker than ever before. Because the ego believes that his ego is not good enough already, but what if we could transcend identification with the ego? I'm not saying I'm enlightened, but I let go of the baggage of my past and I let go of the lower states of consciousness. It doesn't know what it doesn't know, but it's this I know and I don't know, and I'm right and wrong. You've simply forgotten that that's who you are, but you start to become much more powerful when you remember this idea. I love what I do. It's only when we get out of our camp, we can get out of our star role. I remember, for example, one time my mom went to a past life regression list and at the time she was feeling disempowered because her husband at who's getting a divorce with her husband at the time, this is like, it's like 2011 and 12. The more you understand this, the more it will change your life. It's about setting more intentions because when you set intentions, you increase the probability of things happening. This isn't about just having the story and just completely forgetting about it. Here's the other thing of this manifesting in architecting in this simulation, the reality is about lowering the entropy, which means increasing the love and also adding value to other people. What are you consistently thinking about on a daily basis? For a long time, you could say, well, just shift your focus to switch your focus. It's a lot of things in life that we want to go beyond. ​. A shame and guilt. When we become aware of that we can say who am I. Normal kids, they were allowed to have friends, were allowed to go to school activities because before if we got in trouble, the only thing that got taken away because all we do is work outside with school activities. View the profiles of people named D Aaron Doughty. Let's get your hands like this. He's experiencing that over and over and over again and even similar things, so it's about becoming aware of it, allow it to be there, and by allowing it to be there, it will naturally dissipate because it's almost like in a dream. When you set intentions, it's about understanding the power of setting intentions because when you do that, everything starts to align. It can be as simple as a choice that we make, that when we make one choice, everything in our life begins to change and I want you to know about before the end of the day to day, you will get a new reflection of this shift and it will be something that feels very empowering, so be on the lookout for it and simply know that you have made a powerful shift by doing this meditation.