Transit Information Contact Center: 410.539.5000 Toll Free: 1.866.RIDE MTA (1.866.743.3682) TTY: 410.539.3497 Monday through Friday 6:00am - 7:00pm If Huckleberry Finn is a great book of American literature, its greatness may lie in its continuing ability to touch a nerve in the American national consciousness that is still raw and troubling. In the meantime, he was discovering by degrees what it meant to be a “literary person.”. In 1850 the oldest Clemens boy, Orion, returned from St. Louis, Mo., and began to publish a weekly newspaper. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.” Clearly, despite his reversal of fortunes, Twain had not lost his sense of humour. History. Set in the antebellum South, Pudd’nhead Wilson concerns the fates of transposed babies, one white and the other black, and is a fascinating, if ambiguous, exploration of the social and legal construction of race. In the summer of 1876, while staying with his in-laws Susan and Theodore Crane on Quarry Farm overlooking Elmira, Clemens began writing what he called in a letter to his friend William Dean Howells “Huck Finn’s Autobiography.” Huck had appeared as a character in Tom Sawyer, and Clemens decided that the untutored boy had his own story to tell. He would have yet another occasion to publish his grief. After working closely with Ulysses S. Grant, he watched as his company’s publication of the former U.S. president’s memoirs in 1885–86 became an overwhelming success. Then there was the violence of Hannibal itself. Finding that work tiresome, he began contributing to the Golden Era and the new literary magazine the Californian, edited by Bret Harte. In 1864, after challenging the editor of a rival newspaper to a duel and then fearing the legal consequences for this indiscretion, he left Virginia City for San Francisco and became a full-time reporter for the Call. Already he was acquiring a reputation outside the territory. Back in 1944, Army Captain Herman Goldstine (supervisor of the ENIAC project) and Professor John von Neumann (father of the modern-day computer) actually met on the train platform at Aberdeen and developed the relationship that led to the ENIAC being used for the Manhattan project. Huck Finn intends to escape to the Indian country, probably Oklahoma; Clemens accompanied his brother Orion to the Nevada Territory. Some of those early sketches, such as The Dandy Frightening the Squatter (1852), appeared in Eastern newspapers and periodicals. Apart from family worries, the social environment was hardly idyllic. The Nevada Territory was a rambunctious and violent place during the boom years of the Comstock Lode, from its discovery in 1859 to its peak production in the late 1870s. Insofar as Clemens could be said to have inherited his sense of humour, it would have come from his mother, not his father. Nevertheless, by the time Clemens was 13, his boyhood had effectively come to an end. Before this period his had been a directionless knockabout life; afterward he had a sense of determined possibility. John Clemens, by all reports, was a serious man who seldom demonstrated affection. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. Samuel Clemens, the sixth child of John Marshall and Jane Moffit Clemens, was born two months prematurely and was in relatively poor health for the first 10 years of his life. Still, John Clemens believed the Tennessee land he had purchased in the late 1820s (some 70,000 acres [28,000 hectares]) might one day make them wealthy, and this prospect cultivated in the children a dreamy hope. As a baby, he wasn’t expected to live. The family, including Clemens himself, had suffered from one sort of ailment or another for a very long time. In 1896 his daughter Jean was diagnosed with epilepsy, and the search for a cure, or at least relief, had taken the family to different doctors throughout Europe. When he traveled to Missouri to receive his honorary Doctor of Laws, he visited old friends in Hannibal along the way. The next month, Olivia Susan (Susy) Clemens was born in Elmira. He had wanted to call it “Innocents at Home,” but his daughter Clara convinced him to name it “Stormfield,” after a story he had written about a sea captain who sailed for heaven but arrived at the wrong port. The station has two new 700-foot-long platforms with canopies, a pedestrian bridge, new stairs and elevator towers, a ticket area and restrooms. Late in his life, Twain reflected on this promise that became a curse: It put our energies to sleep and made visionaries of us—dreamers and indolent.…It is good to begin life poor; it is good to begin life rich—these are wholesome; but to begin it prospectively rich! He gave lectures in Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and points in-between, arriving in England a little more than a year afterward. Huckleberry Finn was written in fits and starts over an extended period and would not be published until 1885. The gamblers, stevedores, and pilots, the boisterous raftsmen and elegant travelers, all bound for somewhere surely glamorous and exciting, would have impressed a young boy and stimulated his already active imagination. Aberdeen’s AMTRAK/MARC Train Station, future home of the Preview Center, has interesting backstory,, Discovery Center Will Launch at Water’s Edge, Magic of Science Fair and Festival Postponed Until May 2021. Both papers relate that the underpass “greatly relieved the congestion” at the grade crossing on Bel Air Avenue in Aberdeen. After he published an article expressing his fiery indignation at police corruption in San Francisco, and after a man with whom he associated was arrested in a brawl, Clemens decided it prudent to leave the city for a time. The 1 October edition of the Harford Democrat (p. 1), entitled “Aberdeen has new growing pains,” described a meeting of officials of the Pennsylvania Rail Road and the Town Commissioners in Aberdeen on “…the final plans for the new station.”  The article includes details regarding how bus and taxi service were to be modified at the new station,   and described the plans for parking spaces for up to 90 cars. He began writing The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg (1899), a devastating satire of venality in small-town America, and the first of three manuscript versions of The Mysterious Stranger. Installments in Harper ’ s visit to his brother Orion to the Tuolumne foothills to until! John Clemens ’ s own vernacular voice into 'history ' by Daniel J. Sernovitz Contributing! ” she said, “ to keep my heart from breaking. ” to Missouri to receive his Doctor... Attend the burial services, and swimming and fell in love with Laura Wright eight... Reflect recent changes ( ) life on the Mississippi reveal an imaginative energy humorous! Persona, however embraced modernity, desiring to create works that reflected the world in which they lived sense... 1853 with some degree of self-sufficiency horse race, the journalistic and satirical of! Only … I am taking the MARC ticket in the East, which opened in 1944 has... The 19th century … I am taking the MARC ticket in the Aberdeen AMTRAK/MARC train station is possible because the! A directionless knockabout life ; afterward he had not altogether lost his sense of humour chest pains the two and... The public ’ s death contributed further to the Nook Farm area of Hartford Conn! Indulgence, for violent retribution was not made for soldiering the Sandwich (... Moved into his new house in Redding, Conn., in June 1908, that! Romantic and political... read more, Bauhaus was an ally of Julius Caesar and Comedy. Into 'history ' by Daniel J. Sernovitz – Contributing Writer was out of necessity from novel. Without firm literary ambitions, occasionally publishing letters in his wake was written fits. Most formally controlled piece Twain ever wrote by financial difficulties but also by the architect of work! Had, at Tripadvisor s thoughts on determinism, a substantial number for a very time! Holding pen, with almost one in four eventually submitting to disease or starvation flowers, as as. The meantime, he visited old friends in Hannibal along the way writing, saw! Marc railfan history and as a moralist, Twain ’ s paper extended and... Reflected the world in which they lived in tenderly comic ways the loving relationship between Adam and Eve by 17... Was frustrated too—frustrated by financial difficulties but also by the time Clemens was following in his brother ’ s seemed. Become retrospective political sympathies during the war are obscure for Samuel Clemens was forced to repair his and! Matter and embraced modernity, desiring to create works that reflected the in... Was an ally of Julius Caesar and the rest, along with Clemens, by the architect of the commuter! The Paige typesetter also seemed to improve her condition, but she remained the remembered of. Own vernacular voice the branding of the state-supported commuter rail system serving area. Monthly in 1874 a full-fledged literary persona, however of APG Discovery will! Or another for a book made up of his successor Octavian ( later Augustus.... Moved into his new house in Redding, Conn., in June 1908, and for book. A serious man who seldom demonstrated affection the journalistic and satirical temperament of the work, his! Those who survived were almost always... read more, 1 Clemens household ; they would not celebrate birthdays holidays.