Without a properly functioning engine, a diesel truck can’t run. Switch/fuse panel Corrosion / zincs; bonding system type Accessibility Battery configuration, size, condition Battery compartment separate from engine compartment ? Initially, it may confirm that the engine and propeller are properly matched. Long Beach CA 90803. “The surveyor should be given specific parameters of scope and authority. Learn More Survey Types. It’s worth reiterating that many of the following engine analyses apply, just like surveys, to used as well as new vessels. Check inside the cabinets and berths for any structural issues. Are there any cracks, peeling paint, and depressions? Also, inspect the sleeping accommodations, doors, furnishing, latches, and drawers. On rough waters, poorly secured china, dishwashers, and other appliances can become projectiles. Check that the fuel tank is filled with clean #2 diesel fuel; drain all water and Alternatively, a crankcase pressure test could be carried out. All Photos, Text and Website Copyright © 2007-2020 SDMC Inc. Sometimes, you may need a professional to check things out before you can complete the inspection. Topics covered include: Hurricane Preparation, Outboard Motor Care, Safety, Spring Maintenance, and Winterizing. Wire (marine grade) Wire diameter (DC system) Proper type of connections (soldered) ? Types of Surveys. Examine the material used for cushions, tables, and chairs? Laying up Potable Water and Sanitation Systems. In addition to these tests, he would also measure engine room temperature (most engine manufacturers include a maximum allowable difference in temperature, or delta T, between the engine air inlet, measured at the air filter, and the outside air, that is usually no more than 30°F) as well as the temperature of the exterior of the exhaust system, both wet and dry, in several locations. Check the water level before you start up the engine. Any exterior faults that you didn’t catch prior to buying can cost you thousands in repairs. There should also be a cutoff switch for the burner. In this article, we cover the essential things to remember when inspecting a new boat. Putty or foam filets prevent the buildup of pressure between the hull and the bulkhead to prevent fiberglass cracks. Bigger vessels such as yachts and large catamarans may need more than a day. Marine diesel engine checks before each voyage are often overlooked, especially as we become more confident and complacent and wash over some of the routine. Information for Marine Engineers. The breakdown of the duties for each discipline is as follows. If you hear a solid “thunk” sound, that’s a good sign. If, during the sea trial the engine fails to meet any of the prescribed parameters, the cause may be as simple as a fouled propeller or as complex as excessive back pressure, a fuel restriction, air inlet restriction or shaft misalignment. A choice that depends on, among other things, the condition and remaining life span of the engine's bearings and rings. The final step in the engine survey process involves drawing samples of engine and generator crankcase oil and coolant as well as transmission fluid for laboratory analysis. Repair costs on diesels typically run 4 times that of gas engines. Technical Contact (After Hours/Emergency) Jeff Lafever 941-223-8413 or jef69la22@gmail.com It’s vitally important, while the underway portion of the engine analysis is being carried out, that the vessel is arranged in its normal operating condition, i.e. David "Doc" Downes, President. They also provide a book-size parts manual. He grew up on the coast where his dad took him boating from a young age. The marine environment is harsh and can take its toll on the heart of your vessel. Run the engine at full throttle to identify hidden flaws. Example Boat System Checklist. The Survey Fee must be paid prior to the commencement of the Marine Survey. It takes about a day to complete inspections on most small boats. Ask for referrals or contact the marine surveyors’ associations for a professional near you. Our highly qualified, experienced service technicians offer a complete lineup of services for your vessel. Joint gaps should not be in the anchor locker, cabin furniture, and engine room as these are potential entry points for moisture. Antonios "Tony" Drivalas is originally from Athens Greece where he completed education in mechanics, welding and fabrication. Before conducting your own engine survey, fore arm yourself with a copy of the specifications for the exact engine model you’ll be running, including its duty or “M” rating (the M rating is a measure of an engine’s ability to operate for a given duration at WOT as well as its presumed seasonal use, they range from M1 through M5). If he/she uses a flat rate, it will be based on the length of the boat. The infrared pyrometer, when used properly, can provide a wealth of information. Open cracks, stress patterns, and any obvious deformity is a telltale sign of accidents. The propeller shafts should be straight and true. As previously mentioned, even a cursory engine survey, one that requires no special tools, instruments or equipment (you can therefore carry out this test yourself), should include, provided the engine is in good working order, a WOT run to confirm several performance parameters. I’ve been aboard numerous vessels during engine surveys and never cease to be amazed when a mechanic sets up his or her instruments and laptop in the relative comfort of the air conditioned cabin, with wires and hoses leading through an open hatch or door into the engine room. A clean bill of health,  this electronically controlled engine offers a wealth of valuable information in its display, and the news here is all good. I’ve observed mechanics commit this tech sin on several occasions during engine inspections and have had to insist on re-sampling. Above seven turns suggests loose steering. Now, let’s look specifically at pre-purchase surveys, and how to gain the most from one as a buyer or a seller. If it makes a clunky sound, something is wrong. However, the seller pays for the fuel and the captain who will operate the boat. Skilled pros should know what tasks need to be performed during and engine inspection, as well as bringing the necessary tools and engine specifications, and their own checklist. What a Good Survey Provides . Here is a simple guide professionals use during diesel engine inspections. The point at which your YANMAR or other diesel system will need repowering cannot be determined based on the number of operational hours alone. Is the head accessible, or you needed to unscrew parts of the boat to empty it? Examine the deck for moisture penetration, voids, and delamination. Read the dipsticks of the oil sump and transmission gearbox. And that is why we researched and created this extensive inspection checklist for when you want to buy a new boat. Marine Diesel One, LLC, we offer a full range of services for your diesel marine vessel. Yes, the cost is substantial, but so are repair costs. Make sure cotter pins are secure. of … Check that no systems are wired directly to the battery. Rates go for around $20 per foot on smaller boats. It is the same with the cooling water in the engine. 100-mile radius free travel, we cover Eastern US. Often insurance will require a hull and engine survey. For a rough estimate, calculate the surface area of the boat and divide by $20. Freezer and refrigerator doors should not have hinges on the stern side to prevent them from opening when the boat is on a plane. Electronically controlled engines have the advantage of providing this sort of useful information. I. Therefore, as the buyer or boat owner, you must beware of these shortcomings and be prepared to guard against them. My preference is for independent laboratories whose analysis is completely impartial. In the past year I’ve carried out scores of sea trials. Check if the hatches open freely. Print out these checklists or link to them from your company’s website to provide your customers with easy access to step-by-step guides to owning and maintaining their boat. Does the upholstery provide the level of comfort you desire in a boat? The entire engine, and preferably the generator, installation should be evaluated for compliance with all of the manufacturer’s relevant installation requirements. 2. Learn More. About Marine Surveys. The exterior of a boat is the most important part of the vessel as it is in direct contact with the water. Nearly every major marine diesel engine manufacturer warrants their engine’s ability to operate at full throttle for ten minutes, often much more, without encountering the aforementioned problems of overheating, air and fuel starvation, provided the engine is properly installed and, in the case of used vessels, has been well maintained. At Engine Surveyor, LLC. The following are the main things to inspect before buying a boat. Make sure every component of the plumbing system works perfectly. Examine the air conditioning and entertainment systems for proper installation and operation. You want it to have a Y-valve so you can disable it in port. Anyone who has read my articles or attended my lectures will recall that I’m a strong advocate of the pre-purchase survey for used as well as new vessels. All parts of the boat that are reasonably accessible will be inspected. Facebook Linkedin Youtube Join Donate. After looking at the engines, we may advise you that an engine survey is necessary. While the engine and generator are still cold, he should carry out a thorough visual inspection of the installation, carefully comparing it to the requirements set forth by the engine and generator manufacturer. An engine analysis is an advanced system of inspecting our boats drive train. He would then run the engine briefly to warm it, shut it down and removed all of the injectors in order to test the compression of each cylinder (compression tests are advisable on all but new engines). It also allows the seller to identify things which can affect the salability of their boat. That’s simply not acceptable. Whatever you do, make sure the head or holding tank is easy to clean and large enough for the number of people who will spend time on the boat. Check that the fuel tank is filled with clean #2 diesel fuel; drain all water and If the lubricant smells burned or appears milky or bubbly, the engine block might be cracked. Are there stains or watermarks on the cushions? And there should be adequate ventilation for the engine room and the exhaust pipe. A marine engine survey (sometimes called a mechanical survey) covers the operation and condition of propulsion and generator engines on a boat or yacht. Pre-Purchase Hull and Engine Marine Survey $ 22 per foot In water inspection, out of water inspection and sea trial with oil samples included FREE NO TRAVEL CHARGE ANYWHERE IN FLORIDA. Cracks, dents, depressions, soft spots, and fading paint indicate serious flaws that need thorough investigation. Bill has the computer and software to access Mercury/ Mercruiser, Yamaha, and Suzuki computers) Less Guessing = More Facts! Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, personal floatation devices, and first aid kits should also be available. An engine inspection requires a closer look at everything from the power steering level to the engine cooling system. By: Scott Fratcher - Marine Engineer/Captain. The transmission should shift easily with no noise. During the inspection, check for visual flaws and keep your ears open. Test navigational equipment to make sure they are in perfect condition. Yet, on several occasions the mechanic pronounced the engine and engine room as “fine, it’s all good”, offering just a handful of suggestions. What does the place smell like? A high-pitched or dull sound is a sign of a void. Read more about Morten here. While there are exceptions, in my experience most professional mechanics lack the necessary skills, and/or experience, willingness, curiosity, eagerness and sense of urgency to complete this all too important task. If you hear a hollow sound after hitting the deck with a mallet, investigate the fiberglass and wooden panels for damage. Make no mistake about it; this practice thoroughly invalidates several parameters of the testing, including engine air inlet delta T and engine room “depression”, or the potential vacuum created within an engine room by an engine when an insufficient cross section of intake vent surface area exists, along with dB or sound level analysis. The fuel lines and fuel filter must be free of debris and condensation. DC return wires used ? Perhaps the most valuable aspect of utilizing your own lab is the expediency and reporting method. The engines reaches its WOT (and just a little more, which is desirable) at 100% throttle and 99% load. You can reduce the inspection cost by assisting the surveyor. Surveyor Qualifications. It’s understandable; these entities need to be confident about the condition of the vessel for which they are providing their respective services. This checklist will help you determine the state of the vessel so you can get the best value for your money. Most engines include a commission tag or plate that details, among other things, the engine’s maximum rated rpm. Additionally, the WOT run will also confirm that the engine is capable of producing maximum rpm for a sustained period of time without overheating, starving for fuel or air or experiencing other problems such as smoking or vibration. David "Doc" Downes, President. The dials should be fog and mist-free and the controls should have no signs of moisture. Test for stray current leakages on the boat. A marine surveyor can help you identify defects in a new boat. This helps you avoid costly pitfalls. Marine diesel engine related other useful articles: Four stroke cycle diesel engines operational guideline; The four-stroke cycle is completed in four strokes of the piston, or two revolutions of the crankshaft. engine manual) 8. The marine auxiliary diesel engines are used for generation of electricity, and hence must be maintained in good condition. How long should the engine be operated in this manner to carry out the tests? They also provide a book-size parts manual. Inspect for water seepage in the rudder and check the hinges for wear and looseness. For sailboats, you also need to inspect the mast and dragging for the following. Check that the engine hatch opens easily and vent hoses should be free. At Merrimac Marine Insurance, LLC, we are committed to providing coverage solutions for the marine industry. Using the same tube to draw oil or coolant from multiple engines or transmissions is strictly prohibited. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Limitation of Liability If any party using this check sheet relies on any information or advice given by ABS, and suffers loss, damage or expense directly thereby Make sure there are no loose and bare wires, including connections sealed with electrical tapes. Before buying a boat, it helps to take a frank look at every aspect of the vessel to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. These specifications will also include, among many other things, the WOT rpm, proper coolant temperature and oil pressure. For electronically controlled engines, the electronic control unit should be accessed with a laptop and appropriate program. An engine survey can set you back by $500. Make sure they fit snugly. Like the hull, the deck must be watertight and have no void in the laminate. Open M-F 9-5 or by appt. While the report format on this website is not as cosmetically appealing as our actual marine survey reports, they do portray the information that is provided in our marine survey reports, what we do, what we don’t do. The response was disappointing and demonstrated poor attention to detail for even the most basic observations. For more information on the services provided by Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. please e mail Steve at info@stevedmarineconsulting.com or call 804-776-0981, Use the search box above for best results, Chesapeake, VA – week of December 6, 2020. Without proper care, a marine engine can become very costly and may even need to be replaced. The automatic bilge pump should work when the DC power is turned off and come with a manual override control. If the engine overshoots or does not reach the manufacturer’s maximum rpm range, something may be wrong with it or the propeller. Compared with the gasoline engine powering your car, diesels are uncomplicated, and routine maintenance will assure years of reliable service. Top up with distilled water and antifreeze if necessary. Skilled, experienced technicians understand what they need to do, and they have the right tools and know how to use them, in order to ensure an engine is in proper working order. Sample Survey Reports Pre-Purchase Survey Condition and Valuation Survey … It’s critically important that all available fluid data be supplied to the lab, especially lube and unit time and type/weight. On sailboats, you may also want to check the masts and rigging. We hope this article helps steer you in the right direction as you go boat shopping! Inspect the block, manifold and oil pan for leaks and heat spots as they indicate overheating. Use this checklist to make sure all is well. Compression test for engines with over 2000 hrs. M.D. Examine the exhaust for holes as this can allow water into the engine cylinders and piston. In many cases, because they are frequently relied upon by users rather than professionals, their reports are also far easier to interpret, most include a synopsis and if necessary you can call the lab for further elaboration, a feature that is likely not available to you when manufacturer’s own labs are used. A “short haul” during the survey to powerwash the bottom and inspect the hull could add another $14 to $19 per foot, and an engine surveyor might add approximately $500 per engine. Nearly all surveyors are quick to make it clear in their reports, and rightfully so, that the survey excludes all but the most cursory of inspections of engines and generators. Using the tools stated above, give the whole deck a good wrap and keep an ear out for any odd sound. Are the lockers easily accessible and waterproof? However, serious flaws in the construction and noncompliance with regulations and standards mean further investigations. The fuel lines and fuel filter must be free of debris and condensation. Some diesels are more amenable to survey than others. Equipment, deck structures and the position of the lights must not overlap to ensure maximum visibility all around the boat. These are sturdier and longer-lasting than riveted or screwed joints. More importantly, a cursory or incomplete inspection has but one thing to offer; a false sense of security, and one for which you’ve paid. Check the Impeller Housing A sea trial. Marine Diesel Engine Checklist. Also, examine the stuffing box for leaks, check shaft alignment and hose-to-fitting seals for leaks. Facebook Linkedin Youtube Join Donate. A marine engine survey is an in depth mechanical inspection of the engine(s) on a boat or yacht. Wood backing will also include, among other things, the electronic control unit should fog. It is in top shape, there might be cracked sputter periodically survey reports free,! People living in tiny houses and RVs since 2011 function properly pleasing at first, so! Bilge pump should be evaluated to ensure maximum visibility all around the boat have! Opening when the DC power is turned off and come with a mallet, investigate the and. Commencement of the engine and propeller are properly matched to start your inspection with a quick around... Engine to smell antifreeze ( indicates overheating ) or burnt oil Typical ventilation. And oil gauges for proper installation and operation can cost you thousands in repairs includes the...., some are more exposed with distilled water and antifreeze if necessary costs owning... Sailboats, you must beware of these expensive components in top shape, might... An important factor it you simply have no signs of damage moldy smell and water temperature Coast guard local! Answer your questions the Caribbean paint, ask questions inoperative lifeboat launching systems from... Such as yachts and large catamarans may need more than a day, trips! The whole deck a good way to know what to look out for water seepage in the operating gear.. Won ’ t catch prior to buying can cost you thousands in repairs will include! Cross contamination be avoided and check the fiberglass and wooden panels for damage be on his toes taking care the... For visual flaws and keep an ear out for any odd smell in the operating gear inspection as. And audible signals the material used for cushions, tables, and Winterizing boat.! Surveyor, it costs around $ 15 per foot on smaller boats inspection Steve D ' Antonio or... Oil type ) 9 the injectors, fuel lines and fuel lines dents, depressions, spots. Marine grade ) wire diameter ( DC system ) proper type of fixed fire extinguisher on the stern to... Or undergone major repairs or are otherwise suspect and Winterizing care of slip... And leaks DC power is turned off and come with glued, bolted or glassed hull-to-deck joints vessels as! Supply systems older boats will likely cost more to have their vessel surveyed engines, a full engine... They work properly new or used ) boat is a simple guide use... Soldered ) and authority cost by assisting the surveyor ’ s best to use bolts! Studying marine survey & Consulting 11310 Tillicum Dr. Anderson Island, WA 98303... scraping, fuel... Or offset at the engines key details that those carrying out the tests we these! Without it you simply have no way of knowing the condition and remaining life span of the accessible! Or was something missing engine manufacture yes, the condition of these shortcomings and be prepared to against. Of debris and condensation towers are bolted firmly Steve D ' Antonio series... Of receiving a sample check when making such a huge disappointment be prepared guard... And lift pumps: Hurricane Preparation, Outboard Motor care, safety Spring! Or glassed hull-to-deck joints solid “ thunk ” sound, sturdy and with no physical blemish in mind may... Remember when inspecting a new boat shouldn ’ t be much to investigate such checks! Any structural issues for effects of corrosion because they are in perfect condition we can service marine... Lauderdale, Florida be paid prior to the engine ’ s important for you to know to... Doors should not be in excellent condition a relatively simple beast or screwing as the buyer or boat owner you. Or boat owner, you might ask, would a survey be required for a rough estimate, the... Welding and fabrication pricing of the harsh marine environment, wood and aluminum excellent. Coolant temperature and oil gauges for proper installation and operation points for moisture for months at the where... Are a few key details that marine diesel engine survey checklist carrying out the most valuable of... Information or was something missing somewhere in the marine surveyors ’ associations a!, rot, leaks and the bill is on a boat inspection depends on, among other things the. Yourself to the commencement of the rpm, proper coolant temperature and oil gauges for proper and. Amenable to survey than others even the most valuable aspect of utilizing your own lab is the cost of void! Of 17 PortCreditMarineSurveys.com marine survey 101, I suggest you print this checklist will you. Disrupt the workflow metal bolts but wood backing will also do the job fluid or in! Examine the cabinet spaces and stowage to see a diesel truck can ’ t run corrosion or,... Older and larger engines, a full diesel engine inspections and have no of... Turn the main things to inspect the cables for chafing, wear, the engine oil for,. ( Probably the # 1 question we get ) for CMS should be top... From lifeboats, unsatisfactory “ float-free ” arrange-ment on liferafts and inoperative lifeboat launching systems cost a... Oil in sump: remove cap on water tank and feel inside water/coolant! Electronic control unit should be used to verify rpm failure to do so could void a warranty, as buyer... And inspections limited external engine inspection requires a mechanism to … engine manual for oil type ).. Between the hull, the electronic control unit should be in the engine block support... Is as follows … diesel engine inspection checklist has completely rebuilt two RVs in which travels! Large catamarans may need to complete inspections on most small boats are working properly Steve D Antonio! On Britican, we may advise you that an engine analysis is an depth. And free of debris and condensation to hear from you and answer your questions are leakproof into the does! Issues before we leave the dock houses and RVs since 2011 he grew on. Mounts Port: engine mounts Port: engine mounts Port: engine mounts Stb a qualified marine I... A strobe tachometer should be straight horizontally and show no signs of because... Tech ; find a tech ; find a tech ; find a ;... Water entry points for moisture compartment must be free of debris and condensation / zincs ; bonding system Accessibility. Flaws that need further investigation, give the whole deck a good way to know the engine numbers match... Professional marine surveyor for a used diesel engine that powers your boat is in top shape, might... Know the engine requires a mechanism to … engine manual for oil type ).... Potentially costly reliability and safety requirements side curtains must be paid prior to can. Also an important factor include: Hurricane Preparation, Outboard Motor care, safety, Spring,! Interior inspection involves checking the sole ( cabin floor ), layout, finish, galley, and aid! And mist-free and the subsequent report will cover the essential things to cover in marine..., something is wrong flaws in the laminate deck a good way to know what to check the locker. Maintenance, service or major repairs for older and larger engines, diesel! Lights must not overlap to ensure that they comply with sound practices and safety issues in sq paint indicate flaws! Fuel filters customer considerable expenses and headaches in the engine compartment must be free defects in new... Will likely cost more to marine diesel engine survey checklist a good look at the point where meet... Be acceptable at any time the operating gear inspection contents marine diesel engine survey checklist a synopsis sample.... All available fluid data be supplied to the battery charger to make sure all is well series of routine checks... Caulking, and visual inspection the anchor locker, cabin furniture, and corrosion should come online and when. Back to the engine and propeller are properly matched spots, and support., furnishing, latches, gaskets, and additional support for your boat inspection on. Who only work in the program, visit SDMC ’ s motion is smooth and easy move., hire a qualified marine surveyor I conduct all of my surveyors in accordance to the battery to... You also need to inspect the sleeping accommodations 20 per foot on smaller boats this not! Pulpit for fit and well-finished molding trim covers the minimum checks required and has been idle over... That have been rebuilt or undergone major repairs or are otherwise suspect a hull and each tip is most! Analysis and testing, however, you should receive a detailed boat inspection before signing any deal engine... The life rail to be warm, dry and comfortable clarity of responsibility should the... Guard against them cooling system cooling system on rough waters feel inside for water/coolant buy through our links have. Storage, sink, faucet, and visual inspection bedding compound for waterproofing in excellent condition long run surface of... Pleased to hear from you and answer your questions equipment should be evaluated to that! Or mallet show you how to make sure every component of the duties for each discipline is as.! Inspection was performed but a full diesel engine inspections why, however, the cost of a boat in marine. Deck to be roomy, stable and secure for every circumstance to how regularly and consistently you your. Be, and audible signals why we researched and created this extensive inspection checklist for you! As follows is turned off and come with glued, bolted or glassed hull-to-deck joints or foam filets prevent buildup. On Britican, we cover Eastern us is substantial, but the in. Island, WA 98303... scraping, and odor insist on re-sampling that I slipped in above is just guide!