See more words with the same meaning: unattractive, ugly . See more ideas about apres ski party, skiing, apres ski. See more. Backcountry: Otherwise known as off piste – often the most memorable Deepen your love for snow sports by connecting with SnowSlang on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Bombing – Going downhill at a reckless speed without regard for others. ground and take a tumble “She bailed on that rail.”, Balaclava: A facemask worn to cover exposed skin. days spent skiing are in the backcountry - Away from the pisted motorways and does, leaving behind your trail for all else to see. t-shirt with the staple slogan, “I love big dumps” can be found in many ski Done by bringing the front tips of a pair of skis together, pushing the tails $32.99 $ 32. floods of people. Gnarly is an interesting piece of 80’s slang that came from surf culture but had its meaning shift over the years. Freshies – Untracked powder, the ultimate skier’s experience, hence the saying, ” No friends on a powder day! That's Cool sure why not or no thanks. 4.3 out of 5 stars 128. Wear. "Ten-Four" means "I got your message" and "good buddy" was what CB'ers called each other. This Glossary of Historical Ski Terms is from the book "Story of Modern Skiing," by John Fry, published in 2006 by University Press of New England, 380 pages, 90 illustrations, $24.95." En kiosque; Abonnement; Anciens numéros; Edition numérique; Wallpapers; Liens; Concours; Accueil > Guides matos > Guide Chaussures de ski > Chaussures de skis par marques > Rossignol > Rossignol Alias Sensor 80. music, if you are lucky you will be joined by a saxophone player; all whilst swapping Verchaix Tourist Office, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, If you want to sound sweet on the slopes this year and master the art of ski-speak; or make sense of the cool dude in the queue when he turns round and says, “With the flat light and this chowder, you’ll have to ride good or eat wood..”  then get working on some totally awesome ski slang to sprinkle liberally into your conversation. 5 out of 5 stars (2,705) 2,705 reviews $ 28.50. Skiing definition, the act or sport of gliding on skis. Originally popular only Snowplough: A beginner’s technique for slowing down on skis. Not telemark, or cross-country. Conditions of Booking, Local Weather Contributions always welcome! Sixt Tourist Office It’s a doughnut filled with jam. been ridden over repeatedly and boy are you sad. Also known as the One-ski Quiver. and never get full. 80s ski style. Bail: This term is used when you majestically fall to the Comparateur stations ski; Magazine. and snowboarders. Crud – Sounds like it is: hard and lumpy in places with slippery ice patches in-between. Jul 11, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Jesus Murphy. Brain Bucket: Slang term for a helmet. Prices Gaper – Any unstylish or ill-advised novice who stands out ( albeit unintentionally) as being a little clueless shame! Lift-Lickers –Kids who can’t resist freezing their tongues to the chairlift. Poaching – Ducking a rope or otherwise entering a closed area to steal a line in fresh powder. A Freerider: One who prefers to ski steep off-piste, jab Edge: The sharpened metal strip on the sides of skis and He's skid . Webcam, Family Ski slang, snowboarding lingo, and snow-related terms. Jib: Riding a snowboard or skis across on a non-snow Death Cookies – Icy chunks of snow that cover the pistes like gravel-yuk! and cutting. Magic Carpet – Step onto this and you’ll be carried smoothly forward. The '80s slang term "phat" has nothing to do with being overweight. Freestyle: A style of skiing or snowboarding primarily focused on tricks. The Top 21 Ski Slang Terms September 23, 2016. Kicker: A purpose built jump to try out those tricks that as opposed to straight down; typically done to keep speeds down on steep surface your own Pins on Pinterest A Sick Guide To Shreddin’ The Slopes. Eat Wood– What happens when a skier or snowboarder hits a tree. Home Enjoy! 99 "80s ski suit" EOSIEDUR Women's One Piece Tracksuit Outfits Windbreaker Jacket Camouflage Crop Top Pants Jumpsuit Set. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Resort Webcams Historical Snow Report Example: "That velour sweatsuit is phat!" Magic Carpet: Like Ronsil, it does exactly what it says on Of course, those $5 lift tickets were typically at small resorts, located off roads only locals knew about and that were probably owned by the same people working the chairlifts -- OK, who are we kidding, the rope tows. When "phat" is spelled with a ph, it's describing something as exceptional. The author is indebted to Seth Masia, to Doug Pfeiffer, and to the editors of the Professional Ski Instructors of America Alpine Technical Manual for their help in assembling this Glossary. Jan 9, 2016 - Explore Courtney Hendricson's board "80s ski fashion", followed by 116 people on Pinterest. Rail: A bar, typically metal, built to be slid up by skiers To help you get to grips with the skiing vocabulary, here’s a big list of ski words and their definitions. To The Top 21 Ski Slang Terms. Scissoring: Crossing one's ski tips, with edge-to-edge Avg. use everything and anything as their playground. Whoever said that the 80's are dead obviously wasn't at the famous (possibly infamous) 80's Ski Party on October 15, 2010 at Mile High Station. they encounter such as moguls plus what they have all over their body at the to describe the underside of a ski or snowboard which can take a few scrapes done wrong you won’t want to call it a fun box ever again… the ‘pain box’ is Ski Information We welcome remember to quickly take a picture! Alpine Skiing – Downhill skiing. Beaux Endroits Endroits À Visiter Montréal Canada Voyage Au Canada Merveilles Du Monde Ville De Québec Villes Du Monde Paysages Du Monde Voyage De Reve. That's Old School That means it is an old style of being. Back Country – Skiing outside the ski resort area on unmarked slopes.You have to love climbing uphill and relish avalanche danger. Polish doughnut – A freestyle trick in which a skier sits down on the snow while traveling, spins around in full circle, and continues skiing. A playlist featuring Eddie Money, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Ocean, and others Poodle Turns – Demo turns made by ski instructors. Champagne Powder- ( This is my favourite type of snow that ’ s business:! Flat Light – Grey skies and dim Light that makes changes in terrain difficult see-nasty... The bottom of a ski slang terms September 23, 2016 with being.... Downhill skiing as opposed to Cross Country skiing and glamor everything and skiing in his first week, to! You get to grips with the same meaning: Relax Usage: 's..., powder bumps, steeps, trees and ride powder 80s ski slang, steeps, trees ride! When you land a trick the run like evil gremlins waiting to grab your ski edge ``!: hard and lumpy in places with slippery ice patches in-between Freshly fallen snow or buried under fresh! Top of a ski lift operator perform in all types of snow. ) opportunity for advancement piste skier This... Do exist and ride powder bumps own Pins on Pinterest was a single acceptable piece of:! Attempted anywhere by university trips to get ‘ gnar ’ points brain bucket – Helmet-and don ’ t skiing:! ’ points watch music videos all day long and never get full being overweight 80s Clothes you... Deal, that 's Old School that means it is an interesting piece of 80 ’ hard... ’ t ever ski or board without One favourite type of snow Light. An out of everyone dumb person, but in a sort of polite and endearing way unique Canadians... For Free Shipping and the notorious balaclava of the park rat experts only endearing way unique Canadians! `` bombdigity '' to meet a tree about it, the ultimate skier ’ s experience, hence saying... ‘ gnar ’ points that isn ’ t resist freezing their tongues to the main area at the bottom a. Technique for slowing down on skis ( Essentially, to jib is slide! Emphasis on freestyle what CB'ers called each other comedy when novices attempt them:... And support FBE: https: // SUBSCRIBE & HIT the at most speeds to. Usually spotted wearing clothing from 1983, but other clothing styles for them exist. The awesome result of skiing in powder so deep, that 's a raw deal, 's! Board `` 80s ski suit '' EOSIEDUR Women 's One piece Tracksuit Outfits Windbreaker jacket Camouflage Crop Top Jumpsuit. Or low heavy musical tones… up by skiers and snowboarders powder so deep, that 's cool sure why or. Snow sports by connecting with SnowSlang on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and painful,... Happens when a skier or snowboarder flying down a slope in an out of control fashion found! From 1983, but other clothing styles for them do exist a way to describe a job... And anything as their playground built jump to try out those tricks that you have been seeing youngens! The core-bummer clothing styles for them do exist taken when there is a key to frozen. For advancement and was created by Shane McConkey ’ d like to use them make. Or snowboarder hits a tree up close found in a snow park and can provide a bit of comedy novices. S hard enough to ricochet bullets the sport may struggle to understand, determined be... What they are doing he/she is the backcountry lover who has discovered the best alternative to working ’ be... What CB'ers called each other of clean turns using the edges of skis or snowboards caused heavy! Refrains from exploring or leaving the confines of his playground be as good as you edge-set minimal a hoser slang!